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Today Tonight Report: Whiz Kid

Source: Today Tonight - Graeme Butler

He's quite possibly the youngest businessmen in W.A - 15 year old Artwell Chen. Artwell began his business almost two years ago - he was initially just wanting some pocket money

"When i was 14 and i wanted to look for work my school friends were all looking for work at Hungry Jacks, McDonalds and KFC so my dad suggested we should come up with something that would benefit the community and benefit business"

Together with dad Bo, Artwell set about creating an internet based retail loyalty scheme for customers. He set-up a website and the pair set about approaching local business' to sign on - pretty soon was up and running - albeit slowly to start.

The concept was simple enough, businesses pay a small fee to join - in return they are promoted to customers who receive a discount when they shop. "Members who join first of all they can spend their money at their favourite business and they can join our reward programme and they can spend at our group of business' so there's hundreds of business' for them to...

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