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Registration Information

MandurahToday and OzReward use your email address to communicate with you. Your email address will also be used for regular newsletters. Your name, address and phone number is used to validate your account and prevent spammers. MandurahToday and OzReward do not trade or sell your personal information to third parties.


MandurahToday and OzReward use cookies mainly to track which webpages you visit. The MandurahToday and OzReward cookies are only valid on the and domain and cannot be used on any other domain. The cookies are also used for remembering your username and password (only if you have selected the option).


MandurahToday and OzReward use scripts on our website for forms, user logins and to ensure the proper functionality of the website. Scripts must be enabled on your browser otherwise the MandurahToday and OzReward website will not work properly.

Resume and Coverletter

When you submit a job application to MandurahToday/OzReward, you agree that we are permitted to use supplied information such as your Resume and Coverletter to determine your suitability for employment. We keep your details for consideration for a period of 3 weeks. Afterwards it is securely erased and any physical copies are destroyed. If you wish to re-submit your details after this period of time, you may do so at your own discretion.

Site Visitor Information

When you visit our website, we collect some information including your IP address, Web browser, Device Type, Visit Duration and any pages you visit. This information is used in order for us to identify any issues we may have and to determine which pages are most popular. It also allows us to track spammers or potential hackers.

Document Last Modified: April 2017